Learning in P3 04.09.2017

posted 4 Sep 2017, 03:59 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 4 Sep 2017, 04:00 ]

Welcome to the world's largest lesson


The Big Question: What do we want our world to look like?

This week the children will be thinking about our world and the different communities they belong to. 
They will consider how they affect things around them.
Their big provocation: We are too small to make a difference!!
Let's find out if they think so.....

The big Question: What tools can I use to write my numbers in the right order?

I know number bonds to 20
I know even, uneven numbers
I know Units, Tens and Hundreds
I know more than, less, than, equal to

To be able to Mark two-digit numbers on a beaded line, then a landmarked line (labelled in tens);

To be able to order numbers to 100, compare two numbers, say which is more or less;

To be able to say a number between any given neighbouring pairs of multiples of ten (e.g. 40 and 50);

To be able to count on in tens from single and two-digit numbers and back again;

To be able to make a sensible estimate up to 100 (e.g. choosing from 10, 20, 50 or 100);

To be able to show two-digit numbers on a bead string and write the corresponding addition (e.g. 26 = 20 + 6);

To be able to partition two-digit numbers into multiples of ten and one;

To be able to use place value to add and subtract (e.g. 30 + 4, 53 – 3).


The Big Question: What is the message of the author?


I know the structure of a story

I know the meaning of the main vocabulary


To be able to make inferences on the basis of what is being said/done

To be able to answer and ask questions

To be able to participate in discussion about books

To be able to retell a story

To be able to predict what might happen next