posted 24 Nov 2016, 21:38 by Primary 3 Teacher
In IPC we looked at a community through the perspective of Geography and we wondered about how maps are used and how we could create our own to represent a community.

In our IPC Teams we used  jot thoughts to come up with the geographical features of the city.

Then we split up the map into 4 parts and every team was responsible for designing that part of the city. 
We used our communication and cooperation to decide where things would go. We used strategies to make decisions and ensured everyone was listened to and could share their ideas.  

We also thought about making a key and agreed on symbols and colours that we would use.

Reflective Thinkers: We reflected on each others maps and gave feedback about the things we loved, the things we wondered about and what they could do different next time to make it even better. 

Next week we will use our maps to build our 3-D cities.