Food groups are rocking Tonight

posted 13 Oct 2015, 23:55 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 13 Oct 2015, 23:55 ]
It's supposed to be a secret, but the children can use the link to practise their song 1 more time!

Could I also ask you to provide your child with a shirt in the following colour for Friday. (they can also bring it in tomorrow).

Said, Kamilla, Lily, Oliver- Vegetables: Green
Anton, Riina, Benjamin, Kaden- Carbohydrates: brown or close to brown colour
Elena, Daniel, Arfah, Clara Dairy Products: white, near white or yellow
Josephine, Andres, Yassin, Aylin: Protein: Josephine/Andres Red, Yassin Aylin grey or blue
Audrey, Timur, Christian, Kinnaree: Fruits: any bright colour

Thank you, we are very excited and looking forward to presenting our Assembly on Friday!