Big Questions

posted 12 Jan 2017, 21:36 by Primary 3 Teacher
We have been exploring what Big Questions are.

In our teams we used Jot Thoughts to come up with questions about learning and the brain. 

A good Big Question is;
  • Open ended
  • Intellectually engaging
  • Calling for higher order thinking
  • Pointing toward important and transferable ideas
  • Raising additional questions
  • Requiring suport and justification, not just an answer
  • Recurs over time
This is what they are wondering....can you tell if they are Big Questions?

  • How has the brain evolved over time?
  • Why is learning sometimes harder than other times?
  • How long does the brain take to develop?
  • Why does your brain tell you to think? 
  • How long does it take to remember it well?
  • Why is your brain as squishy as a sponge?
  • Why are there different parts in your brain?
  • What does the brain do when you are sleeping?
  • How big is the brain?
  • I wonder how many things our brain does.
  • I wonder what the brain is.
  • How much electricity does your brain use?
  • Why does the brain never shut down?