posted 19 Sep 2016, 17:15 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 19 Sep 2016, 17:17 ]

We thought about  Adaptability and how this helps us in how we deal with changes.

The Big Question
What is the 'message' of the maker of the short movie?

Literacy means more than just reading books and children can think about similar questions through different media. 
The movie is about a sheep that loves dancing and he is very proud of it's fleece. One day when it get's shaven, it feels embarrassed and doesn't want to dance anymore. 
A friend helps him to feel better again.

The children brainstormed in their teams what they thought the 'message' of the movie was, we discussed
- it doesn't matter what you look like
- you should appreciate with what you have
- you should learn to deal with changes
- friends are important
- how could you help making people around you feel good about themselves
- focus on things that are important