Accountable Global Citizenship in MP1

posted 12 Dec 2016, 00:26 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 15 Dec 2016, 02:49 ]
The Big Question: How are these people from our community accountable global citizens? What are their roles and responsibilities? 

People from our community came to share their jobs with us!
There were different engineers, geologists, a petrophysicists, a music teacher, an accountant, a gymnastic teacher and a doctor!

We Stepped inside their lives and used our enquiry to find out about

  • the name of the job?
  • the workplace of the job?
  • how they travel to their job?
  • if they wear specials clothes and why?
  • if they use special tools?
  • what personal qualities do they need?
  • what does a day in the life look like? 
  • is their job important for other people?
  • what vocabulary is important? 
Find Someone Who- Class building activity

Calling the Rig and communicating the next steps
Listening to a heart beat and communicating with your patients
Learning about drilling and special clothes
What does a music teacher need to plan for?
What activities does a PE teacher plan for?
What knowledge does a geologist need to have? 
How can you make profit?
What are the roles and responsibilities of a police officer?
See, Think, Wonder...

Recording our learning on posters

Sharing Learning