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Learning in P3

posted 21 May 2017, 22:05 by Primary 3 Teacher

Reflection Week

Where am I on my learning journey?
How can I improve my learning?
How can I use my new learning to make me an
accountable global citizen?

IPC the children will reflect on their learning of the past science units: IT's Shocking, Push Me, Pull You and Green Fingers

How can I present my knowledge and understanding of learned vocabulary 
How can I  reflect on my skills and what are my next steps
Which test is fair? Explore a variety of tests, recognizing fair tests
How does my new learning help me to become a global citizen

Image result for sustainability


How can I organise information to effectively communicate it to others? 

I Know technical vocabulary about a subject

I can structure information effectively (bulletpoints, paragraphing, title, subtitle)

Explain how you have organised your text and how that helps you to communicate effectively


What are my next steps in my learning?
How can I get better at them?
How can cooperative learning structures help me in my learning? 

Learning in P3

posted 19 May 2017, 00:16 by Primary 3 Teacher

This week we had an open learning session about maths with our parents. Thank you for coming in and sharing learning with us!
Not the most flattering picture of me but here we go!

IPC Big Question: What makes a good scientist?
We used our research skills to investigate our questions. 
  • We used video's
  • We used books
  • We used observations
  • We used the internet
In literacy we reflected on our writing and thought about our next steps in our learning. 

In maths we reflected on our learning and targeted some areas for improvement: we learned about quarters in time and solving problems with time.


Great learning, great teaching, great fun!

posted 11 May 2017, 22:32 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 11 May 2017, 22:32 ]

Showdown to check understanding of choosing the right operation to solve a problem. Represent the problem using a pictorial representation and number sentences. 
There are 4 3-legged monsters. How many legs all together? 4x3=12 (multiplication sentence) and 3+3+3+3 (repeated addition sentence).
There are 21 marbles and 3 children. How many marbles does each child get? 21÷ 3=7  -7-7-7

Exploring how plants grow using all our senses. See, Touch, Smell, Think and Wonder!!
What makes a good scientist? 
Use inquiry to ask questions and make observations of the world around you. 

Learning in P3 10/5/17

posted 9 May 2017, 22:17 by Primary 3 Teacher

The Big Question IPC: What makes a good scientist?
This week we focus on:
  • Asking Scientific Questions
  • Finding Answers to our Scientific Questions
What plants can we bring to our new planet.
We are finding out about
- what does a plant need to grow?
- do all plants need the same things to grow?
- how have some plants adapted to their environments?
- what environment does our new planet have?

The Big Question Literacy: How can I capture my audience?
This week we focus on:
  • using a thesaurus to add to our vocabulary; instead of walking use: trotting, sliding, tiptoeing, marching, chasing
  • using a range of adjectives 
Image result for adjectives
The Big Question Maths: Convince Me how can you prove to me that your answer is correct? 
Image result for multiplication relation
  • how can I show the relation and difference between 2x3 and 3x2
  • how can I show the relation between 2x3 and repeated addition 3+3 or 2+2+2
  • how can I show the relation between 2x3 and 6÷3

Poetry with Chris White!

posted 9 May 2017, 22:05 by Primary 3 Teacher

Sharing Poems across the school and choosing favorite poems. 

Reflecting on the use of vocabulary choice and rhyming words.
JPEG ImageJPEG Image
Shared writing with a real author dressed as book characters. 
JPEG ImageJPEG ImageJPEG Image
Getting our books signed!

Learning in P3 5/1/2017

posted 30 Apr 2017, 19:26 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 30 Apr 2017, 19:27 ]

IPC: Entry Point Green Fingers

The Big Question: If you would be moving to another planet, what plants would you bring with you?

Literacy The Big Question: What makes a poem?

Knowledge: know different structures of poems

Skills: to be able to compare poems and communicate an opinion 

Understanding: poems are like art and can take different forms and shapes

Maths The Big Question: How can I show the inverse relationship of multiplication and division in a variety of ways?

Knowledge: I know the symbols for multiplication and division

Skills: to be able to show the inverse relationship of multiplication and division in a variety of ways

Understanding: to be able to choose the right operations to solve problems with multiplication and division 

Learning in P3 24.4.2017

posted 23 Apr 2017, 23:06 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 23 Apr 2017, 23:06 ]

Big Question IPC: What makes a good scientist?
  • 3 types of forces (air, water, magnets)
  • what makes a test fair

  • to be able to identify ways of finding out about scientific issues (research books, internet and suggest ways to experiment) 
  • how the personal qualities help you to be a good scientist

Big Question Literacy: What is the message of the story?
  • I know a variety of adjectives
  • I can write a story applying my new adjectives
  • I can create a message for my audience
Big Questions Maths:Why are things different around the world at the same time?
  • days of the week
  • months of the year
  • to be able to tell the time to the quarter of an hour
  • solve problems with time

Learning in P3 16/04/2017

posted 17 Apr 2017, 04:06 by Primary 3 Teacher

IPC Big Question: What makes a good scientist?

Our subject specific question: What are forces?

Explore forces in the PE Hall

Do, Think, Wonder


  • Identify a push and a pull force


  • To be able pose scientific questions

  • To be able to identify ways of finding out about scientific issues

  • To be able to conduct simple investigations with help


  • Think about your explorations in the PE Hall and Wonder about questions you might have. Design ideas for your new exploration starting with: I wonder what would happen if.....Explain what you would like to find out and how you would measure it. Can you make a prediction? 

Literacy Big Question: How to capture your audience?

Different stories by the same author: Allan MacDonald

  • a range of adjectives
  • identify and name adjectives
  • use a thesaurus
  • learn adjectives to describe characters
  • comparing 2 stories from the same writer and discuss similarities and differences with peers and expressing opinions
  • give reasons for preferences
  • apply your new learned vocabulary when creating a character description, making it interesting for your audience to read

Maths Big Statement: Convince Me! 

  • number bonds
  • doubles
  • halves
  • To be able to add any pair of two-digit numbers using partitioning or counting on in tens and ones

  • Convince your partner/team that your number sentence is correct. Use 4 different ways to make your thinking visible. 

Learning in P3 20/03/2017

posted 19 Mar 2017, 19:26 by Primary 3 Teacher

Mr L. Will be learning with P3 this week!

IPC The Big Question
How does technology affect our lives?
Are those changes always good?

  • names of a variety of tools and materials
  • to be able to design a plan using pictures and words
  • explain good and bad affects that technology has on our lives- taking environment in perspective

Maths The Big Question
How can I create my own 3D shapes using different materials?

  • names of the common 3D shapes and their properties 
  • to be able to group the 3D shapes in a variety of ways
  • explain why you can group shapes in different ways and how you grouped them- reasoning

Literacy The Big Question
What is a poem and how can you present a poem? 
  • features of a poem
  • to be able to present a poem using communication skills 
  • show understanding of the poem by adapting the presentation of it depending on the type of poem (present a variety of poems)

Learning in P3 3/13/2017

posted 13 Mar 2017, 00:52 by Primary 3 Teacher

This week we will continue with our learning from last week.
We are ready for our show performances and are looking forward to our first performance tomorrow morning. We hope to see all of you on the Friday evening for our big show!

Please note: I will be traveling next week and therefore I will invite some parents this week and some parents after the holidays for parent teacher conferences. 

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