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Sport Day

posted 4 Jul 2017, 23:15 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 4 Jul 2017, 23:16 ]

Trip to the Train station in Gagarin Park

posted 3 Jul 2017, 00:32 by Primary 3 Teacher

Learning in P3 26/6/2017

posted 25 Jun 2017, 22:45 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 25 Jun 2017, 22:51 ]

  • Tuesday 27th  Happy Splash- Swimming at usual time
  • Wednesday 28th Gagarin Trip (please return slip to school so your child can attend)
  • Thursday Sport Day 9.30-10.30 in Oasis all parents invited to come and watch
  • Friday Leavers Assembly 8.40
Big Question IPC: How can you present your learning digitally?
Image result for digital literacy
- To be able to save and retrieve documents
- To be able to cut and paste information into documents 
- To be able to present information in a variety of ways (including tables)
- To be able to change size, font and colour of letters

Thinking about the audience when considering size, font, colours and lay out of the slides/texts

Big Question Maths: How can I apply my knowledge and skills to solve problems
Image result for measuring maths

- To be able to use and choose tools for measurement
- To be able to use and choose diagrams to represent and solve a problem

Thinking about a variety of tools and strategies learned and choosing the most effective ones to solve problems

Big Question Literacy: How is a recount different depending on the audience?

Image result for recount

- Know the features of a recount

- To be able to write a recount about an event (trip to Gagarin Park- Train visit)

Considering what style of writing to choose depending on the audience 

ICT To be able to research and present information digitally

posted 25 Jun 2017, 22:00 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 25 Jun 2017, 22:01 ]

Learning in P3 14.6.2017

posted 13 Jun 2017, 22:52 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 13 Jun 2017, 22:55 ]


IPC History: The big question: How have people in the past affected the world we live in today? 

  • Vocabulary to describe the passing of time

  • Know 3 people from the past and their inventions

  • To be able to find out about aspects from the past from a range of sources of information

  • To be able to sequence historical events into a timeline

The children will be writing their own quest story

Please allow your child to watch Finding Nemo or Finding Dory
Focus questions:

- what is the setting like- describe in detail
- what are the characters like- describe in detail (not what they look like but what kind of person are they?)
- what gets lost and how?
- what are the problems on the way and how do they get solved, do they make new friends?
- what personal qualities do the characters use to overcome the problems?
- how does it end?
- how have the characters grown as a person, what have they learned from their journey?
- retell the story using interesting vocabulary


Children will be reflecting on their learning in maths this week.

Geography: Enquiry

posted 13 Jun 2017, 22:34 by Primary 3 Teacher

Knowledge: I know geographical features of my home and host country
Skill: To be able to use an atlas to locate home and host country and find information by interpreting graphs and maps

Learning in P3 05/06/2017

posted 4 Jun 2017, 23:10 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 4 Jun 2017, 23:11 ]

Literacy: The Big Question
What is the message of the story? 

Image result for finding nemo quest
We are learning to write stories about a quest where the main character goes on a journey in search for something or to reach a destination 

Knowledge: new vocabulary, a quest
Skills: to be able to use paragraphs and include 2 different challenges or problems in a story 
Understanding: think about what the 'message' of the story could be- write a message in your story (use personal qualities to guide you)

Maths: The Big Question

Knowledge: know the names of 2D and 3D shapes
Skills: to be able to describe 2D and 3D shapes 
Understanding: apply knowledge and skills to solve mathematical problems

Children will also practice on their personal targets

Learning Letter

posted 31 May 2017, 21:36 by Primary 3 Teacher

Dear Parents, 

Please see the new learning letter on our weblog as attachment. 

Learning in P3 T3.1 29/5/2017

posted 28 May 2017, 18:28 by Primary 3 Teacher   [ updated 28 May 2017, 18:31 ]

Entry Point From A to B! A Unit about transport

In IPC we are having our entry point in which the children will explore designing different vehicles to travel from A to B via the water and through the air. This week we will also have our knowledge harvest in which we find out what children already know about traveling and we will be explaining the theme in which we show the big picture of our Unit. 

In Literacy- Quest Stories  

The Big Question
What is the message of the story?

Knowledge: New Vocabulary
Skills: using a dictionary
Understanding: discussing meaning of the story

In Maths Fractions

The Big Question
How can you show what a fraction is in a variety of ways?

Knowledge: the recording of a fraction
Skills: to be able to recognise parts of a whole
Understanding: recognising parts of a whole represented in a variety of ways

Mental Maths
Counting in 3's forwards
Counting in 3's backwards
Counting in 3's from any given number upwards
Counting in 3's from any given number backwards

Exit Point Science Units It's Shocking, Push me, Pull you, Green Fingers

posted 23 May 2017, 21:52 by Primary 3 Teacher

The Big Question: Is the test fair?
What Makes You Say That? Explain your Thinking...
How could you make the test fair(er)?

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