Week Beginning 6/3/17

posted 5 Mar 2017, 22:33 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 5 Mar 2017, 22:33 ]

Please have all costumes brought into school by THURSDAY 9th March. The costumes will then stay at school until the school show.
We have a dress rehearsal and children must have full costume. 
Please bring costume in a bag that is clearly labelled.

In IPC Learning we will begin our Science Tasks. In Science we will be using our Co-operation, Resilience and Enquiry Skills to answer the Big Question: 

What makes a good scientist?

  • I know the names of conventional symbols used in an electrical circuit
  • To be able to pose simple scientific questions
REMINDER - HOME LEARNING DUE TOMORROW - NEW Task will be issued tomorrow.

In LITERACY Learning this week we will be continuing our traditional tales unit.
  • To be able to sequence traditional tales
  • To be able to use inference when discussing traditional tales
  • To know the structure of a traditional tale
In MATHS Learning this week we will be focusing on Measuring Capacity as well as reflecting on our addition and subtraction skills.
  • To be able to use the language of capacity
  • To be able to directly measure and compare the capacity of containers
  • To be able to calculate 1-digit addition and subtraction problems mentally
  • Know the symbols =, +. -
  • Know the doubles and halves to 10