Week Beginning 5th June

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Using Resilience in Reflections

Over the next couple of weeks the children will partake in reflections for Maths learning, Spelling, Narrative Writing and Reading. These reflections will help to identify key targets for your child's learning into the future. We are focusing on using the Personal Qualities of Resilience (trying our best, and keeping focused on our learning) and of course Reflection (thinking about our past learning experiences) as we complete these reflections.

This week in IPC

We don our Geography glasses this week and are learning a lot of new vocabulary to modes of transportation, geographical features and maps. Please check the vocabulary list in the learning letter for these new words.

Image result for sakhalinToday we started by identifying the Continent of our Home Country.

Throughout the week we will look at different scales and types of maps (globes, atlases, online maps) and try to identify the following: 
        • The continent of our Home Country
        • The Placement of our Home Country within that continent
        • The Placement of our Host Country
        • The city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on a map of Sakhalin
        • The placement of our house on a map of Olympia/Zima
We will also be sorting different types of transports into air, water and land and looking at the geographical features of certain towns and countries that have brought about the use of that transport type. For Example: Husky-led Sleighs on Snow and Air Boats on Marshland.

With your child discuss transport from your Home Country. Do you have a type of transport unique to your Home Country or Continent?

This week in Literacy
We are focusing on PEER COACHING in reading sessions this week:

Image result for reading with someone
When reflecting on COMPREHENSION we can ask questions about:

          • The characters
          • The setting
          • Events that happened in the middle, beginning and end of the story
          • What we think characters are feeling at any point (Making inferences)
          • What would come next in the story (Making predictions)
When Reflecting on FLUENCY we can practice RE-READING the sentence using:
          • more expression
          • phrasing (reading smoothly)
When Reflecting on ACCURACY we can encourage the reader to:
          • have another look at the word or sentence
          • think about what word would make sense
We are also continuing our Fairy Tale unit, rewriting classics with our own adaptations. Last week the children began to write an adaptation of "The 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf."
Some ideas were:
  • The 3 Little Jelly Babies and the Big Bad Gingerbread Man.
  • The 3 Little Rabbits and the Big Bad Fox
  • The Wolf climbed down the chimney only to be frozen solid in a freezer. The little Pigs than had Wolf Icy-Poles.
  • The Wold stomped on the Houses instead of blowing them down.
As you can see a lot of creative ideas coming through!
In Preparation for our next adaptations, perhaps you can all read or watch a version of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" and "Little Red Riding Hood."

This week in Maths

Our Mental Maths is focused on Bonds to 20.
Image result for question mark

In Maths Learning we are:
        • completing missing number problems using objects, pictures and mental calculations.
  • using language fewer than, less than, more than, equal to, most, least when comparing and identifying numbers
  • Describing position and direction (LINK TO IPC)
  • Self-Reflections and Targets