Week Beginning 30/1/2017

posted 29 Jan 2017, 21:56 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 29 Jan 2017, 21:56 ]
Our Personal Quality Focus this week is:

We look through the History lens this week

This week our BIG Questions is:

What if there was no medicine? 

Our learning will focus on:

  • Name 3 people in history that have been instrumental to the medical field and what their contribution was:

    • Alexander Fleming, Edward Jenner, Gertrude B Elion
  • Know an example of what a virus, bacteria, fungi and parasite is


  • 1.5 To be able to use key words and phrases relating to the passing of time
    • In the past, now, before, after that
    • 1.6 To be able to identify difference between their own lives and those of people who have lived in the past

We will also be using our ADAPTABILITY skills and REFLECTION as we construct some Fair Scientific Tests.


We continue our genre of Instructions this week. The children are busy written there own set of instructions based on a HOW TO they have chosen.
Examples are:
How to make a sandwich
How to make my bed
How to get dressed in the morning
How to build a snowman (including being winter safe!)
How to make a fruit salad
How to make a pizza

Each set of instructions will need a title, and comprehensive list of materials and clear steps. The children are using a Flow Chart to help them order the steps.

In reading the children are continuing to focus on Fluency and Comprehension - re-reading for phrasing and re-telling with details including character names, setting and a sequence of events.


Mental Maths this week - counting in 10s forwards and backwards from any given number:

This week we are focusing our learning on measurement of weight and time. Our Big Question is:

How can I measure accurately?
Our learning will focus on:

  • Know different ways to weigh items
  • Know the roles of the minute and houe hands on a clock
  • To be able to compare and order differently weighted objects
  • To be able to an analogue clock to the half hour