Week Beginning 29th May 2017

posted 29 May 2017, 14:11 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 29 May 2017, 14:11 ]
IPC - From A to B!

This week we begin our new and final IPC unit for the year - Transport - From A to B!

We began with our Entry Point where, in their mixed Milepost Teams, the children were challenged to create either a boat or a vehicle for a zip-line that would travel from A to B, using only the wind force from a balloon or breath.

Using COOPERATION, COMMUNICATION and RESILIENCE, the children then tested their creations at the testing station.

More information about our new unit will be posted on the website on WEDNESDAY.


Fairy Tales

We start exploring the world of fairy tales this week, hot seating (becoming the character and answering questions about that character) many fairy tale and traditional tale characters. We will also link to our IPC unit Transport, discovering ways of transport in traditional tales and fairy tales and challenge the children to wonder what it would be like if the story was set in another setting.
Our culminating task for this unit (week beginning 12th June) will be to re-write a well known fairy tale or traditional tale by changing either the perspective of the story (was the Big Bad Wolf actually Bad?) or the setting (what if Snow White lived in a Big City?).


Time and Sequencing. 
Our Big Question this week is - How Long is a minute?

We will be exploring different lengths of time this week - seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. 
We will Know:
- A second is shorter than a minute, which is shorter than an hour.
- The days of the week in order
- The months of the year in order
- Know vocabulary for passing of time - before, after, next, first, yesterday, today, tomorrow, morning, afternoon and evening/night
We will be able to:
- Sequence events in chronological order using appropriate vocabulary
- Recognise the days of the week and months of the year
- Tell the time to the half hour and draw the hands on the clock face to show these times