Week beginning 27/2

posted 27 Feb 2017, 01:35 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 27 Feb 2017, 01:35 ]
This week in IPC we start are new unit "It's shocking!" a unit about electricity.

Our learning focuses around the BIG QUESTION: 

What is electricity?

This afternoon the children participated in our entry point. They enjoyed a light show and then had fun using static electricity to attach balloons to their hair and clothes!

We continued our entry point with the children drawing their ideas of what electricity looked liked. Come to our classroom to see our interpretations of electricity. We used the Cooperative learning Structure - Carousel Feedback, so the children were able to comment on each other's art work.

On Wednesday we start with our History Tasks.
In History we will be using our Enquiry and Respect Skills to answer the Big Question: 

How have people in the past influenced the world we live in today?

  •  I know scientists that were instrumental in the development of electricity.
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Nikola Tesla
    • Thomas Edison
  • I know some electrical appliances that have been invented
  • To be able to order events and objects into a sequence (the invention of electrical appliances)
HOME LEARNING - please find attached. Due date Wednesday 8th March

In LITERACY Learning this week we will be starting our traditional tales unit.
  • To be able to discuss traditional tales
  • To be able to write a traditional tale
  • To know the structure of a traditional tale
In MATHS Learning this week we will be focussing on Measuring length.
  • To be able to measure wiggly lines
  • To be able to use a ruler to measure
  • To be able to subtract to discover the difference between 2 numbers
  • Comparing two numbers
  • Count in 2s
  • Bonds to 10

Primary 2 Teacher,
27 Feb 2017, 01:35