Week Beginning 22nd January 2018

posted 18 Jan 2018, 20:44 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 18 Jan 2018, 20:44 ]
What a great week... we now have a new role-play area in our classroom and can explore the rainforest in our free time, we learnt all about fractions and can recognise 1/2 of shapes and numbers, we found out about instructions and had a go at following some. Lots of great learning!


-Swimming is finished now until Term 3 so please send PE kits on Tuesdays, as we will now do an extra 
PE slot instead. 

-We have now started using an App in P2 called Seesaw. This can be accessed by up to 10 family members by scanning the code sent. Pictures and comments will then be posted regularly to share with you your child's learning. 

-Friday is P2s turn to contribute snacks to the school tuck shop (see email for more details)

Literacy - Fiction - Instructions

This week we will continue to find out about instructions and will be having a go at verbalising, drawing and writing our own.

-Writing sentences about our weekend news
-Verbalising, writing and drawing our own set of instructions for others to follow
-Using capital letters for names
-Forming letters correctly, using consistent size of upper and lower case letters
-Tricky Words of the Week - have, like, so, little
-Spelling pattern - adding 'oa' to the end of words

Maths - Fractions
-Continue to practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
-Identifying 1/4 of a shape or set of objects
-Measuring and starting to record length, weight and capacity
-Beginning to become familiar with the following measurements; cm, m, g, kg, ml, l

IPC - Our World

This week we will be focusing on Geogrpahy

-We will be finding out about deforestation, particularly in the rainforests

-We will be finding out that forests are the lungs of our planet and provide shelter for animals and humans. Life is all connected and a balance is needed.

Big Question: How are forests important for us and how can I protect them?

Enquiry: What do you know about forests/vegetation in your home country?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the nice weather!