Week Beginning 20/3/2017

posted 19 Mar 2017, 23:27 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 19 Mar 2017, 23:28 ]
Thanks for an amazing school show! The children all performed superbly and really enjoyed the experience. Well done to all!

This week in P2 we are reflecting our learning over this term.

In IPC we are reflecting on how we can be more accountable for our energy use. In P2 we are trying not to use the lights as much, reducing our energy use to ensure we are being accountable energy users. 

We are also embarking on a Science and Technology challenge : To Design and Test a circuit we have planned ourselves. I have invited the children to use their knowledge of conductors and insulators for this task, and if they wish to bring in an object from home to test (just as a spoon, a coin, a zipper or an earring) to add to the circuit they made.

This afternoon we had fun testing bracelets, earrings, zippers from boots and lots more! 

We will be wondering what it is to be a good scientist reflecting on our idea of what electricity is!

In Maths we are also reflecting on our learning, making connections to form new skills and develop new understandings.

We will be:

  • Reflecting on bonds to 10 and connecting this to bonds to 20
  • Revising time to the hour
  • Revising the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction
  • Reflecting on counting in patterns of 2, 5 and 10
In Literacy we will be continuing write, record and extend narrative stories - adding details and linking ideas together.

Children will also:

  • Practice spelling number words to twenty
  • Revise Long vowel graphemes (letters that match the sounds)
  • Segment and blend words
  • Identify the number of sounds in words
  • Manipulate sounds in words
  • Practice reading with fluency and comprehension
It promises to be a great week! I look forward to seeing many of you at the Parent-Teacher Conversations this week. Please bring any questions with you.