Week Beginning 19th June, 2017

posted 25 Jun 2017, 22:46 by Primary 2 Teacher

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Why do we write letters?

That is the BIG QUESTION that leads our learning in Literacy this week. As the end of the school year approaches and we write goodbyes to friends, thank you notes to teachers and AC3 organisers and perhaps a postcard to families when the holidays begin, the children will be studying and learning the different purposes for letter writing.

We will be exploring different texts throughout the weekend, looking closely at the language used and the tone of the letter to determine the purpose and write a few letters of our own.

Check out these links to books we will use in class.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

As we reflect on our Maths Learning, we will revisit some skills in order to consolidate them.

- I can find half of a shape and collection of objects
- I can find quarter of a shape and collection of objects
- I can solve multiplication and division problems using pictures, objects and arrays

We will be focusing on securing the names of 3D and 2D shapes in Knowledge and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in Mental Maths.

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This week it's ICT in IPC!

The children will sharing learning with their MilePost partners learning how to give directions to a character on screen using IPad app ScratchJr.

They enjoyed using enquiry by exploring the App yesterday, cooperating and communicating with their Milepost partner. On Wednesday they will need to direct the characters to perform certain movements such as clockwise quarter turn, forward, left, right, up, down, anti-clockwise three-quarter turn.

They will also be using the computers to type, copy, paste, save, retrieve different documents they have made using word processing programs.

This week in IPC we are also exploring music, using footage from our History tasks last week and creating different soundtracks to match the movement and tension of the scenes. The footage features James Starley's Penny farthing, Henry Ford's T-model and The Wright Brothers' Bi-Plane. They children will use a range of instruments to create and change sounds as they compose their music.