Week Beginning 18th September 2017

posted 14 Sep 2017, 23:00 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 14 Sep 2017, 23:00 ]

This week we continue with our new unit in IPC, 'We Are What We Eat' and look forward to learning in our new IPC teams. See the photos below to see who we are partnered up with. 

Literacy - Lists, Labels and Signs'

-Writing sentences about our weekend news. 
-Thinking of an alternative ending to a story.
-Forming letters correctly.
-Add describing words to make sentences more interesting
-Learning the vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u)

Maths - Addition

-Adding small numbers by counting on
-Writing our numbers the correct way round
-Recording and answering addition sums
-Recognising the value of coins to 10p (British money)
-Adding 1p and 2p to coins up to 10p

IPC - We Are What We Eat

-Labeling the parts of a plant
-Finding out about the 5 main food groups
-Sorting food into the main food groups
-Using this knowledge to design a balanced meal

Have a great weekend!