Week Beginning 17/10/2016

posted 16 Oct 2016, 22:34 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 16 Oct 2016, 22:36 ]
This week's learning:

We are focussing on these three personal qualities this week. We need to use our morality to make the right choices for our learning in class. We need to communicate to others in an appropriate manner and we need to co-operate with each other to ensure we are part of a safe, fun and exciting learning environment!

Please not the library was not open today due to an update on the library system. Children have returned the books to me. Hopefully the system upgrade will be comlpeted by Thursday so the children can borrow.

Maths - number lines and number words
BIG QUESTION: Where does the number go?

I know that the numbers have a particular order
I know that numbers can also be written in words
I can identify how each of the numbers has a spot of the number line and how to find it
I can read the number words to 20

Literacy - non-fiction texts - lists and labels
BIG QUESTION: What's in the bucket?

I know the text features of a list
I can write a list of objects
I can use describing words when describing an object (eg - a long, pointy nose)
I can label a picture

IPC - Design and technology- link to Science and Literacy
BIG QUESTION: Why does a giraffe need a long neck?

I know the features of animals
I can design a plan of an animal I want to make
I can describe my plan in pictures and words
I understand that some animals have features that are particular to help them survive in their habitat