Week Beginning 10/10/2016

posted 9 Oct 2016, 22:51 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 9 Oct 2016, 22:59 ]
A reminder that children should NOT wear stockings/tights on Tuesdays as they have swimming and need to walk without shoes to the change room. Please ensure they wear shoes and socks.

Learning this week:

Literacy:    Genre: Writing Lists, Labels and Signs.


I can write a list of objects
I can write words using the beginning, middle and ending sounds in the word
I can leave spaces between my words

Mathematics:    Shape: 2D shapes


I can visualise and name common 2D shapes
I can describe their features and properties
I can use shapes to make pictures and models.
I can answer questions about shapes by recording information in lists and tables.

IPC:     Geography: Geographical Features of Home and Host Countries

Knowledge: I know common natural geographical features of the earth
Skills: I can use geographical terms to describe
Understanding: I understand that different countries have different geographical features