Week 2 Learning in P2

posted 6 Sep 2015, 00:06 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 6 Sep 2015, 00:09 ]
.Week Beginning 7.9.2015

The main focus this week will be stories with familiar settings.
Children will describe their favourite toys and write sentences.
We will also look at  letter formation and correct pencil grip.

The main focus this week is number and place value.
Order numbers up to 20/50/100.
Partition numbers into 'tens' and 'ones'.
Compare numbers, say which is more/less.

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)
Our unit for the next 7 weeks is WE ARE WHAT WE EAT

This week we will have our ENTRY POINT children will have to follow the clues to collect the different items that they will need for a picnic.

The KNOWLEDGE HARVEST is where we ask children to share what they know about food.  This is added to throughout the unit as children learn new things about food.

EXPLAINING THE THEME we share with the children the different topics that that they will study through the unit and the main learning outcomes.

Our first subject area for this unit is SCIENCE and we will be asking children to think about why they eat.

Your child will bring home a food diary to be completed at home and we will analyse the data in class.