Week 2

posted 13 Nov 2016, 22:25 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 13 Nov 2016, 22:32 ]
Learning this week in P2

In Maths:

New Learning:
  • Inverse relationship between addition and subtraction
  • Addition and subtraction to 20
  • Sequencing events using the language first, then, next, last
  • Days of the week (ordering and describing position using today, tomorrow, yesterday)
Mental Maths
  • counting in 2s

In Literacy:

Group Story Focus
Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas Present by John Burningham

Writing several sentences about the same idea. Linking setences with and

Phonics and Spelling
  • air (chair) and ture (picture)
  • -ing as a suffix (Link to IPC jobs vocabulary)


What is a community and what does a community need?

I know different tyopes of communities and groups that I belong to
I know different roles that people have (jobs)

I am able to organise jobs and job types into their cateogories based on workplaces

Please come to our Open morning learning on Tuesday Morning. WE have our IPC learning and followed by Languages.