We Built this City...

posted 29 Nov 2016, 22:56 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 29 Nov 2016, 22:57 ]
After days of planning, collaborating, designing and then adapting the designs in our IPC teams; after allocating responsibilties and learning new strategies to come to group decisions such as thumbs up, thumbs down voting systems, P2 had a wonderful time developing their skills when making a building for our city.

This children the children showed great resilience, co-operation and communication to complete their IPC team's building under the guidance of our adult helpers.
This afternoon, their potential was challenged as they planned, designed and made their teams 2nd building unassisted.

Tomorrow, we will reflect on what went well and develop ideas as to how we can make our learning better next time.

Please feel free to come to the classroom and check out P2's city!

P2 City