W/B 23rd January, 2017

posted 22 Jan 2017, 18:43 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 22 Jan 2017, 18:43 ]
Our Personal Quality Focus this week is:


This week our BIG Questions are:

What Makes a Fair Test? and What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

Our learning will focus on:

  • Name the senses and the functions of these senses

  • Know the food pyramid

  • Know short term and long term effects that exercise has on your body


  • 1.4 To be able, with help, to conduct simple investigations

We will also be using our ADAPTABILITY skills and REFLECTION as we construct some Fair Scientific Tests.


Our Literacy Genre for the next three weeks is Instructions. The children will be learning the different formats of Instructions, they will be learning to identify the text features of instructions and will write their own "HOW TO..." instruction booklet.
They will continue to write in sentences using capital letters and full stops and identify nouns, verbs and adjectives within these sentences.


This week our Big Question is:

Does calling the money something different, change the way we add/subtract?

Our learning will focus on:

  • Know the name of different currencies around the world
  • Know the coins and the order of the coins to the value of one pound/dollar/euro/rouble/rupee etc.
  • To be able to add coins to the value of 10p/10c etc.