The Shoe That Grows Appeal

posted 5 Dec 2017, 18:10 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 5 Dec 2017, 18:10 ]

Last Friday school raised 8,150 roubles (102GPB/ 139.37 USD) or 9 pairs of growing shoes for orphans in Nigeria. A big thank you to all who donated and of course to Peri and Alexandra for their organisation of the tuckshop. 

I have just uploaded our most recent earnings to the shoe that grows web page. Our donation will be for 300 shoes which is $4,500 or 3340 pounds. Mike´s overall target is $6000 which seems like a big target but we have already raised $1,266 towards the total. If you would like to see how we are doing then click on this link here

Many thanks

Craig Jones (P7 Teacher)

Please feel free to share this link with friends and family to help support this project.