Term 3 Week 7 Reflection Week

posted 29 May 2016, 14:01 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 30 May 2016, 13:07 ]

This week we will reflect on our learning for the IPC unit All Dressed Up - Clothes.

During the week the children will look back at the different subjects that they have studied and have the opportunity to share what they have learnt.  They will also be given the time to go back and see if they can improve on any of the skills that they have learnt  this unit.

We will look at the personal quality of cooperation and examine how we have used it and how it has helped our learning.

In Maths we will look back on our learning of addition and subtraction and applying this to word problems. We will also look at number patterns, odd and even numbers, number bonds and ordering numbers.

On Wednesday we will have a dressing up day!
Children can come to school dressed in their favourite clothes, traditional clothes, as a book character or a famous singer, whoever or whatever clothes are special to them really.  There will be specail asssembly for the children to show off their fancy clothes to the rest of the school as part of our Exit Point.

On Thursday ther will be great excitement in P2 as we will be visiting the Fire Station in Yuzhno to have a look at the protective clothes worn by fire fighters.