Term 3 Week 5

posted 16 May 2016, 13:48 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 16 May 2016, 13:51 ]

This week our focus will mainly on practising for our assembly on Friday.
All class parents, nannies and friends are invited to the class assembly that will be in the playhall at 8.40.
Children will come straight to the playhall on Friday for register and be in places for our assembly.

In Literacy we will focus on speaking and listening.

It is important for children to speak in a loud clear voice so that people can hear and understan what they are saying.  Children also need to listen carefully to other children so that they know when they need to speak their part.

In Maths we will continue with addition and subtraction.

The children took some time to understand and apply using their numberbonds when adding larger 2 digit numbers such as 44 + _ =  
Using number bonds helps to complete the number sentence.
Knowledge of multiples of 10 helps the childen to find the answer.

This week we will focus on subtraction and look at the differnt methods of counting back.
We will be counting back using knowledge of number bonds and multiples of 10.

In IPC we wil continue our unit All Dressed Up - Clothes.

In History we will be sorting clothes into old and new and thinking about the reasons for our selections.
How do we know it is old/new?  What clues are we using?


To be able to enter, save, retrieve and revise documents.
To be able to use ICT to present information.
To be able to work with text, tables, images and sound.