Term 3 Week 4

posted 6 May 2016, 00:12 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 6 May 2016, 00:13 ]
For the next 2 weeks our Literacy learning will be based around Non- Fiction and writing letters.

To do this the children will need to know their address.
Please sit with your child to show them how to write their own address and send this into school on Tuesday or Wednesday so that we can use it in class.

To know how to write their home address
To know the features of letters and postcards

To be able to research/findout about/investiagte about whales
To be able to sort books into fiction and non-fiction
To be able to write questions using correct punctuation

To understand the differnce between a question and a statement

In Maths we will be learing about Addition and Subtraction

To help your child at home please practise number bonds so that they recognise which pairs of numbers make 10.
Also, please complete any outstanding tasks on Mathletics so that new tasks related to the weeks learning can be set.

To know number bonds to 10

To be able to recognise if 2 numbers added together will go over 10
To use number bonds for subtraction
To be able to record calculations used

To be able to apply knowledge of number bonds when adding and subtracting

We will continue with our IPC unit All Dressed Up - Clothes
This week our learning will be focussed on History.

To know about differnt clothes that people wore in the past

To be able to identify differnces between thier own lives and those of people who have lived in the past
To be able to find out about aspects of the pastfrom a range of sources and information

To be able to communicate their knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways