Term 3, Week 3

posted 23 Apr 2017, 23:29 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 23 Apr 2017, 23:29 ]
IMPORTANT: All children are required to bring in a White T-shirt for International Children's Day. The committee would like these T-Shirts by THIS FRIDAY, 28th April. Please bring it to the class teacher, clearly labelled.

Giving Feedback

This week our focus is on Reflective Thinking Giving Feedback. Both to ourselves and to our peers. We are using the Ladder of Feedback as a guide to help us improve our learning, making it bigger and better!

The Ladder of Feedback uses 4 steps. Try this with your child during reading or writing at home.

Step 1: ?: Clarify - what questions do you have? 

This may be about a word written, or during reading, it could be a question you ask about the characters or the story.

Step 2: Happy Face: Value - what did you really like about the learning?

This is positive feedback - I like the way you... read all the words accurately, used expression, used some interesting words in your writing, used punctuation!

Step 3: Worried face: Concerns - What concerns you about the learning?

This is where you share some things that need could be improved. For example, I worry that you read word by word and not with much expression, I worry that you haven't spelled your HFW correctly.

Step 4: Arrow Upwards: Suggestions - How could you improve this learning?

This is where you can suggest ways to help solve the issues raised in the Concerns step. I suggest that you re-read the paragraph, but this time try to read more smoothly. I suggest we go through the writing to find your                                                                                                                  HFW - can we fix the spelling together? 

Learning for this week:

In Maths this week:

Bridging to 10

The Big Idea is:

If I can make a bridge to 10 then I can just count on.

Using their knowledge of number bonds the children will make bridges to 10. For Example

43 + 8 = 

I need 7 more to get to the closest 10. 8 is 7 + 1. So I can make 50 and then add 1 more.

We will be using blocks, number lines and and many other learning supports throughout this learning.

Children will draw on previous skills and knowledge such as:

Number bonds to 10
Place Value of numbers to 100 (Tens and Units)
Locating numbers on a number line
Locating numbers on a hundreds chart
Counting on, Counting back

In Literacy this week:

We will put the finishing touches on our comic strips after receiving the feedback from our peers.
On Thursday we will begin our new Poetry Unit, where we will be learning the format of a Haiku, attempting to write our own by the end of the 2 week unit!

In IPC this week:

Still investigating our forces unit, this week the children will explore with forces made by air, water and magnets. They will continue to ponder our three big questions:

What is a force?
What makes a fair test?
What makes a good scientist?