Term 3 Week 2

posted 21 Apr 2016, 23:38 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 21 Apr 2016, 23:38 ]

In our Literacy learning this week we will continue with Traditional Rhymes/Poems.
We will be practising performing rhymes for younger children in the school as well as wring our own versions of traditional rhymes to perform.

To know the correct use of full stop, question mark and exclamation mark when writing

To be able to create a short play based on a nursey rhyme
To be able to identify rhyming words
To be able to speak audibly and fluently when performing for others
To be able to write a smple plot with support

Develop their understanding of punctuation by using correct punctuation when writing independently

In Maths we will learning about Addition and Subtraction

To know how to add/subtact 11 from a 2 digit number by adding/subtacting 10 then 1 more

To be able to add/subtract 10 to/from a 2 digit number
To be able to add/subtract 11 to/fom a 2 digit number

To be able to describe the patterns of subtracting 11 from multiples of 10

This week we will start our new IPC unit All Dressed Up - Clothes

Entry Point
The Entry Pont will be linked with World Book Day.
Children will be invited to wear their pyjamas to school!
We will talk about how we wear different clothes for different activities and how clothes are made from different fabrics and have different patterns.

Children will enjoy a breakfast snack and will have a book read to them by a teacher from another class.  Children will partisipate in book day activities.

Knowledge Harvest
Childrn will share what they already know about clothes and fabrics.
Why do wear clothes?
Does eveyone wear the same clothes?
How are clothes made?

Explaining the Theme
We will look at all the differnt areas of the curiculum that we will use to learn about clothes.
History, geography, technology and how we can link this to our learning in Literacy and Maths.