Term 3 Week 12

posted 3 Jul 2016, 13:36 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 3 Jul 2016, 13:36 ]
This week we will be looking at non fiction books about Tigers using the contents and index pages to locate information. 
Read and understand factual sentences.
Write factual sentences.
Read understand and sort facts.

Create a non-fiction text.
Write questions and answers in a non-fiction text.

We will continue to:
Understand multiplication as 'sets of'
Begin to record 'sets of' as a multiplication number sentence
Work out multiplication sets of 5 and 10 as towers of cube

Our IPC unit Water World will continue with Music and children will perform their musical pieces.
For the Exit Point children will play water games on the playground depending on the weather.

Parent Appointments will be held on Monday evening and I look forward to seeing you then.

The Class Party will be on Wednesday afternoon.
Teachers will arrange the food and drinks.

Last day of school for children will be Thursday 7th July.