Term 3 Week 11

posted 26 Jun 2016, 14:17 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 26 Jun 2016, 14:17 ]
The end of term is a busy time as we try to squeeze in the last of our learning before the holidays as well as fun events for the children such as Sports Days, Happy Splash and School Photographs.

This week we will continue with the same Literacy plans as last week.

This week we will be looking at both fiction and non-fiction books about tigers.

Recognising questions and answers.
Writing a conversation using questions and answers.
Using correct punctuation in a sentence, using question marks.

Read and understand factual sentences.
Write factual sentences.
Read understand and sort facts.

Create a non-fiction text.
Write questions and answers in a non-fiction text.

In Maths we will be introducing Multiplication and Division

Doubling numbers up to 20 by doubling the 10's then the 1's

Understand what halving a number means
Halve even numbers up to 20

Understand multiplication as 'sets of'
Begin to record 'sets of' as a multiplication number sentence

Work out multiplication sets of 5 and 10 as towers of cubes

In IPC we will continue with our unit Water World

This week our subject area is Music.

Children will:
Compose simple musical patterns

Use symbols to represent sounds

It's going to be a loud and noisy week!