Term 3 Week 10

posted 19 Jun 2016, 12:59 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 19 Jun 2016, 13:00 ]
Literacy - Information Texts

Children will continue to practise spelling patterns in their spelling teams.

This week we will be looking at both fiction and non-fiction books about tigers.

Recognising questions and answers.
Writing a conversation using questions and answers.
Using correct punctuation in a sentence, using question marks.

Read and understand factual sentences.
Write factual sentences.
Read understand and sort facts.

Create a non-fiction text.
Write questions and answers in a non-fiction text.

Maths - Measures and Shape

Children will 
Practise the order of the months of the year
Say the month before/after a given month
Find times 1 hour/1/2 an hour later than a given time

Recognise 3D shapes
Describe direction and  position of 3D shapes

IPC-Water World

We will continue with our Geography learning, children will

Learn how to follow and give directions
Be given the opportunity to express views on attractive and unattractive features of the environment
Communicate their geographical knowlege and understanding in a variety of ways.