Term 1, Week 4

posted 18 Sep 2016, 13:55 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 18 Sep 2016, 13:55 ]
Learning this week:

In Maths we will be learning:
1. To read and write statements using + and = signs
2. To represent bonds to 10
3. To add 2 1-digit numbers together to make 10
4. To use pictures and concrete objects in order to solve 1 step addition problems.

In Literacy we will be learning:

Handwriting: body letters: i, u, w, v, t
Phonics: ch, sh, th, ng(nk)
Genre: Poetry: songs and repetitive poems. (Subject: Worms)
    1. To be able to maintain attention and participate in conversations and discussions
    2. Recognising and joining in with rhymes and predictable phrases
    3. To say out out what they are going to write about
    4. Discuss what they have written with the teacher and peers

In IPC we will be learning:
K - to know parts of the animals
S - to use classifying vocabulary to sort animals into groups
U - to understand that different locations suppot different living things

Our Personal Quality focus is Enquiry and our Focussed Cooperative Learning Structure isRally Robin.