Term 1 Week 2

posted 8 Sep 2016, 21:38 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 8 Sep 2016, 21:39 ]
What a Week!

It's been an exciting week in P2. We had to create a habitat for a weird and wonderful creature. The children shared their ideas and learning in groups to creat a place where the creature could survive.
 In what Habitat do I live?

The children are enjoying playing quiz, quiz, 
trade with numbers to 20.

Looking Forward

Literacy Learning this week: Stories in Familiar Settings

This week the children will continue consolidate their knowledge of tricky words and letters and sounds learnt last year. They will also learn some new sounds.
Diagraph - when 2 letters go together to make 1 sound. Example - ck, ch, th

They will learn to write more body letters in the handwriting lines.

They will write about the connections they make to a story and share their ideas.

In reading, the children will learn some strategies to help them work out unknow words.

Maths Learning this week: Number and Place Value

This week the children will continue their learning of numbers to 20. They will recognise the number word for these numbers, and understanding the place value of teen numbers. They will place any number to 20 on a number line and learn to identify a missing number on a number line.

IPC: Earth Our Home and Live and Let Live

K - we know about the basic conditions needed for living things to survive

S- be able to gather, with help, information from simple texts

U - understand that different locations support different living things

Swimming and PE
Swimming is on TUESDAY at 1pm. Please be promptly back to school and have all your swimming gear with you.
PE is on WEDNESDAY. Please bring a change of clothes and indoor trainers with you.

We have library on Monday and Thursday. Please bring your blue bags. If your child doesn't have one, please see Miss Sasha at the Reception Desk.