Term 1 Week 2

posted 4 Sep 2016, 22:38 by Primary 2 Teacher
Literacy Learning this week: Stories in Familiar Settings

This week the children will consolidate their knowledge of tricky words and letters and sounds learnt last year. They read books by reading the pictures, reading the words or by retelling the story.

They will make inferences and predictions about stories in familiar settings. They will make appropriate connections to these stories and discuss their ideas with their classmates.

They will write sentences about their favourite toys and share their writing in their groups.

They will learn to write body letters in the handwriting lines.

Maths Learning this week: Number and Place Value

This week the children will consolidate numbers to 20. They will count, read annd write numbers to 20, state what is one more or what is one less of any number to 20, and recognise that changing the order of a collection of objects to 20 does not change the quantity.

IPC: Earth Our Home and Live and Let Live

Entry Point
We will create a habitat for an exotic new animal.

Knowledge Harvest
We will be asking the children:
How do animals adapt to their environment?

Explaining the Theme
We will share with the children some of the learning and tasks that tey will do as part of this IPC unit.

Swimming and PE
Swimming is on TUESDAY at 1pm. Please be promptly back to school and have all your swimming gear with you.
PE is on WEDNESDAY. Please bring a change of clothes with you.

I look forward to beginning our learning journey in P2 together.