Reflection Week 19.10.2015

posted 16 Oct 2015, 19:24 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 16 Oct 2015, 22:26 ]

Next week, the Primary 2 children, will be looking back at their learning during Reflection Week.


We will start the week with the children being learning explorers. They will be looking for learning in their books, on the walls in the classrooms, through conversations, in class, in their Mile Post and around the school, so that they can see the bigger picture and the next steps in their learning.


They will identify where they are in their own learning journey and will be given the opportunity to improve.


Literacy, Maths, IPC

Knowledge: The children will know where they are in their learning journey.

Skills: The children are able to improve on their learning.

Understanding: Reflection helps you to make your learning bigger and better.


Personal Qualities

Knowledge: Children know what the personal qualities are.

Skills: They are able to reflect on the personal qualities in their learning.

Understanding: They understand how personal qualities help you to become a better learner.


International Mindedness

Knowledge: Children know what international mindedness means.

Skills: Children can reflect on their own international mindedness.

Understanding: Children gain an understanding of the world we live in.