Poetry in P2

posted 22 Sep 2016, 21:58 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 22 Sep 2016, 21:59 ]
Nobody likes me!

In P2 we have been sharing poetry with others. We discovered that when reciting poetry we can communicate our intentions through the use of expression in our voices. Our performances were enhanced by adding actions that helped to convey our messages.

We used the co-operative learning structure "Rally Coach" to practice the poem with our partner. This CLS uses peer feedback as a learning tool. We used our Personal Quality resilience to keep going and not give up!

We were coaching our friends to be able to:
1. face the audience when presenting
2. speak in a clear and aticulate voice with projection
3. remeber the words!
4. use actions that enhance our performance
5. use different speeds to make the poem more interesing
6. use expression and phrasing to help the audience make sense of the poem

Here is our poem

Nobody likes me!
Everybody hates me!
Guess I'll go eat some worms.
Long, thin, slimy worms.
Short, fat, juicy worms.
Itsy, bitsy fuzzy worms!

And here is our whole class performance.

Nobody Likes Me!