P2 Learning 21.9.2015

posted 20 Sep 2015, 14:41 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 20 Sep 2015, 17:07 by Neil Pettitt ]
This week we will focus on letter formation, ensuring the children are forming letters in the correct way.
We will also review the reading and reading groups.
Children will continue with the stories that they started last week.
In spellings we will look at verbs ending with 's' and look at 'High Frequency Words'.
High Frequency Words are words that appear often in reading books, but cannot always be read by using sounds.
Words such as: the, no go, I, to.

We will look at counting on, saying the number that is one more/one less from a given number to 20/50/100.
Counting on 1,2,3,4 form a given number, without starting back at one.
So for 5 and 2 more, children should put 5 in their head and count on 6,7 to reach the answer.

We will be learning about teeth.
Focussing on the different types of teeth that humans and animals have and how they are used.