Maths Investigations in P2

posted 19 Jan 2017, 21:46 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 19 Jan 2017, 21:46 ]
This week the children enjoyed investigating patterns in numbers during our maths learning.


We starting the week with the BIG QUESTION:

How can patterns in numbers help us to learn our Bonds to 10?

This big question then led the children to ask more questions (as all BIG Questions should!)

Can we only make bonds to 10? Can we also make bonds to 9? to 3? to 6?

Are there any patterns in learning these bonds?

Using Co-Operation Skills and sharing learning in small groups, whole class and with their maths partners, the children used their ENQUIRY skills and embarked on their investigations.

So - what did we discover?

We discovered that when using only two digits added together there are:

2 ways to make 1
3 ways to make 2
4 ways to make 3
5 ways to make 4
6 ways to make 5

Can you spot the pattern yet?

Then the children were challenged... knowing this, how many ways to make 20?