Learning w/b 13/2/17

posted 14 Feb 2017, 21:47 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 14 Feb 2017, 21:49 ]
IPC International: The Big Question: Why do people dance and what 'story' can a dance tell?

We will be experiencing a variety of dances brought to use by parent volunteers; 
We had one session on Tuesday afternoon and will continue this on Friday morning.

- Merengue from the Dominican Republic
- Bush Dance from Australia
- Nigerian Contemporary dance 
- Jive from United States
- Waltz from Austria

Further to this we have line dancing from the Southern States of the USA on Wednesday and Thursday!

The children first needed to learn about the dance and where it was from, why it is an important part of the home country and when it is danced.

Here are a few pictures from the experiences so far.
Bush Dancing                                    Learning about the Waltz                    Trying out some Nigerian dancing      Learning the Merengue Rhythm

Our Reflection Week for the How are you started this week. Children will be completing Knowledge assessments and reflecting on the skills they have gained throughout the unit.

In Maths we will be:
- counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to and from 100
- counting large collections
- forming our numbers correctly

In literacy we will be:
- finding bossy verbs and time connectives in instructions
- practicing our reading with fluency and expression
- retelling stories with details

On Thursday we celebrate 100 days in P2.