Learning in P2, Term 1 Week 5

posted 26 Sep 2016, 03:46 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 26 Sep 2016, 03:50 ]
Learning this week:

In Maths

The Big Question leading our learning this week is:

How can you measure something?

Children will be using their skills of Enquiry to investigate different ways to measure objects. They will use non-standard units of measurement.

  • compare, describe and solve practical problems for lengths and heights. 
  • record measures including lengths and heights.

This links to our IPC learning, where the children will have an opportunity to compare the lengths and heights of different animals.

In Literacy:

Phonics Focus: ai (including alternative spelling - ai, ay, a, a_e)

Genre: Poetry: songs and repetitive poems. (Subject: Love it or Hate it!)

Big Question:

How can I communicate my ideas to others? 


  • talk to others about ideas – listening and contributing to the discussion.
  • record their ideas using a mixture of words and pictures.    


  • Know a micro-habitat and the types of animals that it supports
  • To be able to ask scientific questions to investigate and wonder about
  • Explain the differences and similarities between a micro and macro habitat by giving examples

We will make a mini-trip to the pond area of the school to investigate micro habitats.

Please see information letter below. 

Pond Trip Note