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posted 16 Oct 2015, 01:02 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 16 Oct 2015, 01:04 ]
Most of the  children will have brought home 2 pieces of home learning today.

One is a set of 'Tricky Words' for the children to practise.
Children should be encouraged to learn these words by sight rather than trying to decode/read the words with their letter sounds.
These words come up a lot in the reading books and are amongst the most common high frequency words used in English.

You can cut the words up to make word cards and read them in random order.

You can spell the word out (using letter sounds) for your child to write, they can then look at the word and see if they can recognise it.
This is also good practise for letter formation and hearing the vowel sounds in a word.  
The vowel sounds tend to the letters commonly misspelt by children.

The other piece of Home Leaning is a History sheet.
The children will have some questions on the sheet.

We thought about different ways that we could find out about the past.
One of the suggestions was to ask people who lived in the past.
The children all said that the oldest people that they knew were their grandparents.
So each group thought of some questions that they would like to ask their grandparents to find out about where food came from in the past.

Each team then came up with their own questions.
Not all teams completed the questions, so perhaps you could encourage them to think of more questions.

If you get a chance over the weekend or early next week to arrange for children to speak with their grandparents either via skype or telephone that would be great.  If not then you could by answer the questions yourself based on your experience of the past.

Please return the Home Learning on Wednesday morning.

Thank you