9.11.2015 Weekly Learning

posted 9 Nov 2015, 15:55 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 9 Nov 2015, 22:48 ]
A big welcome back to all of the students who have returned to school this week.

In Literacy we will be using the big book, I Want My Mum!
Children will make predictions about what will happen in  the story and look for patterns in the text.
We will also be sequencing the story and will practise retelling and acting out the story with expression.
Children will also write their own version of part of the story using simple sentences.

In Maths we will be saying the number that is 1 less than a given number; counting back in 1's.
Working towards subtracting a 1 digit number from a 'teens' number by using the strategy of counting back.

In IPC we continue with our unit Look and Listen!  
This week we will be focussing on science and the children will learn that sound travels from different sources.
We will also be learning how to conduct simple investigations with help and support.