posted 8 Mar 2016, 13:53 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 8 Mar 2016, 13:54 ]

Literacy and Numeracy

In Literacy this week

For the next three days I will work one to one with pupils on reading reflections.
This will involve children reading a previously unseen book, I will then calculate the number of mistakes and self corrections as the child reads.
After reading I will ask questions about the text to check the level of understanding of what has been read.

In writing children will practise basic skills of letter formation, writing letters in the correct way and in the correct position on the line.
We will also continue to work on writing sentences using a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop consistently.
At the end of the week the children will write a short story to show their writing skills.

In Numeracy
We will revise addition and subtraction number bonds, one more/one less, 10 more/10 less, ordering numbers, counting reliably and naming 3D shapes.

We will start our new IPC unit Freeze It!
In this unit the children will learn about solids, liquids and gases

Entry Point
Children will start off with a molecules role play.  
Looking at the behaviour of  molecules in solids liquids and gases.

Knowledge Harvest
We will examine water as a solid and a liquid, looking at the properties and comparing the properties.

Explaining The Theme
Explain to children that we will be finding out about freezing.
We will learn about solids and liquids and how a liquid can be cooled to make a solid and how a solid can be heated to make a liquid.

In science we will find out:
  • All about ice and water
  • At what temperature water freezes
  • How long ice takes to melt
  • What happens when we freeze other liquids
  • How we can turn ice into a healthy food
  • Which materials will keep ice cool
In Technology we will find out:
  • How to design and make an ice cooler
In International we will find out:
  • About differences between hot and cold countries