posted 29 Feb 2016, 13:06 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 29 Feb 2016, 13:07 ]
Reflection week. 


The children will reflect on their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Their knowledge will be tested and the children will learn how to improve their knowledge by using strategies that help remembering and recalling knowledge. Children will learn that you need to revisit your knowledge to put it in your long term memory. 

Their skills are reflected on through the rubrics using beginning, developing or mastering. The next steps guide the children in improving their skills. The children learn that you have to practise skills in a variety of ways and repeat them to improve. 

We will observe the children and discuss learning with them to get insight in their understanding of concepts. Children will learn that you use your knowledge and skills to problem solve, create or apply them to show understanding. 
We will give them the opportunity to create their own Miro painting showing understanding of the elements of a Miro. 
We will provide them with science problems that they need to solve. We will observe the strategies they use, listen to their reasoning and determine how well they understand the concept of a fair test.