posted 23 Jan 2016, 22:17 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 27 Jan 2016, 03:48 ]

This week we will continue with our IPC unit 'Time Detectives' - Finding out about the past.
Our subject this week is History.
Please expect lots of questions from your child about what school was like when you went, in the olden days!
We will be looking at how school has changed over the years and I am sure you will all have lots of stories to share.

On Friday 29.1.2016 we will visit Sakhalin Museum, at the museum we will learn about life in Sakhalin in the past.
Please complete the trip letter that your child will bring home.

Children will know about a range of events that have happened to them and members of their family in the past.

To be able to use key words and phrases related to the passing of time
To be able to order events and objects into a sequence

To understand that some events are repeated yearly
To understand that things change over time

In Maths we will link up with our IPC learning and will focus on 'Time'.

To know the order of the days of the week
To know the months of the year

To be able to tell the time o'clock and half past
To be able to read the time on an analogue and digital clock

To understand the language associated with time, in the past/future, before/after, hours/minutes, analogue/digital

In Literacy we will be looking at non-fiction books related to History

To know the difference between fiction and non-fiction books
To know how to use a non-fiction book

To be able to recognise the features of an explanation text
To be able to compose and write a sentence using correct punctuation
To be able to order words alphabetically

To understand how to use a contents and index page