posted 14 Feb 2016, 13:21 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 14 Feb 2016, 22:57 ]
This week we will focus on using the personal quality of thoughtfulness in our learning.
Thinking about how we can improve our learning and what we can do to make it better.

In IPC learning our focus will be on Science
To know the steps of the scientific method
To know properties of materials

To be able to identify ways of finding out about scientific issues.
To be able to sort materials

I explain what makes a test fair
I apply my knowledge and skills of science when setting up my own investigation

In Maths we will be learning: 
To know addition facts facts to 8, 9 and 10

To be able to use addition facts to answer addition and subtraction problems
To be  able to add 3 small numbers together, looking for number bonds first

To understand that addition can be done in any order
To understand the relationship between addition and subtraction

Children will bring home some "Learn It" cards to help with rapid recall of number pairs

In Literacy we will be focussing on Poetry
To know that names begin with capital letters
To know and use correct punctuation at the start and end of a sentence
To know a poem'off be heart'

To be able to read and understand poems
To be able to create a simple sentence
To be able to write a simple sentence
To be able to recognise rhyming words

To show an understanding of rhyming words
To use rhyming words in their own writing