posted 31 Jan 2016, 13:38 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 31 Jan 2016, 13:39 ]

The Personal Quality we will focus on this week will be respect.
Respect for the people around us as well as respect for the equipment and resources that we use in class and school.

As we continue with our IPC unit Time Detectives this week he focus will be on International and History.

To know about similarities and differences between the lives of children in the different home and host countries.

To be able to work with each other where appropriate.

Compare similarities and differences between stories from different cultures.

We will be telling the time to the hour, half past and learning about the duration of time.
We will continue to practise ordering numbers and finding the number between two given numbers.

As we continue to learn to count in 10's we are stating from different 1 digit number starting points such as 5, 7 or 4.
When counting in 10's at home please start from a 1 digit number to help your child.

In Literacy we will continue to look at non-fiction books related to History

To know the difference between fiction and non-fiction books
To know the features of a non-fiction book

To be able to recognise the features of an explanation text
To be able to compose and write a sentence using correct punctuation
To be able to order words alphabetically

To understand the layout of a non-fiction book