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Week Beginning 26th June, 2017

posted 25 Jun 2017, 23:12 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 25 Jun 2017, 23:13 ]

As we begin our countdown to the Summer Break there are a few important dates for the calendars.

This Week
- Tuesday 27th June 
    - Happy Splash in Oasis. This will be the last swimming session for the children this year. They will enjoy games and the use of the slide between 1pm and 2pm tomorrow.
- Wednesday 28th June
    - Trip to Gagarin Park 9:15am - 12pm for IPC From A to B exit point
    - Volunteers are needed - please email me if you are able to help
- Thursday 29th June
    - Sports Morning in Oasis
- Friday 30th June
    - A3C Assembly (Food with Food Performing) 2pm (location TBC)

Next Week
- Class Party Friday 7th July

Learning this week

 Image result for from a to b IPC 

The children have been making their own journey From A to B throughout this unit, departing from A with the use of Enquiry to gather information and delve into new understandings to arriving a B where they will complete Reflection tasks to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and understandings that they have developed throughout this unit.

We will be reflecting on:

Geography: geographical features, maps, continents and different modes of transport from around the world. The children will demonstrate their understanding of how different countries use different modes of transport based on the geographical features of that country.

History: finding out about things from the past, inventions in transport (penny farthing, model-T and bi-plane)

ICT: programming characters using an app, creating a presentation document using tables, pictures, words, saving and retrieving learning.

Music: Experimenting with different timbres, speed and volumes to create a story, recording music using symbols (self-designed)


We continue to look at different types and purposes of letters. Today we wrote letters to Fairytale characters asking about the holidays, telling them what we were doing and asking them what they were up to! We will reflect on this learning, making it bigger and better by adding more details, checking punctuation and of course ensuring perfectly formed letters!


In Maths this week we will reflect back on number learning from the year - counting in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s, finding 1 more and 1 less than any given number, counting in sequences to and from 100 and using place value to talk about numbers.

Enjoy the last weeks at school, it is a very busy time of year but full of much fun and excitement!

Week Beginning 19th June, 2017

posted 25 Jun 2017, 22:46 by Primary 2 Teacher

Image result for postcard

Why do we write letters?

That is the BIG QUESTION that leads our learning in Literacy this week. As the end of the school year approaches and we write goodbyes to friends, thank you notes to teachers and AC3 organisers and perhaps a postcard to families when the holidays begin, the children will be studying and learning the different purposes for letter writing.

We will be exploring different texts throughout the weekend, looking closely at the language used and the tone of the letter to determine the purpose and write a few letters of our own.

Check out these links to books we will use in class.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

As we reflect on our Maths Learning, we will revisit some skills in order to consolidate them.

- I can find half of a shape and collection of objects
- I can find quarter of a shape and collection of objects
- I can solve multiplication and division problems using pictures, objects and arrays

We will be focusing on securing the names of 3D and 2D shapes in Knowledge and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in Mental Maths.

Image result for ipad scratch jr


This week it's ICT in IPC!

The children will sharing learning with their MilePost partners learning how to give directions to a character on screen using IPad app ScratchJr.

They enjoyed using enquiry by exploring the App yesterday, cooperating and communicating with their Milepost partner. On Wednesday they will need to direct the characters to perform certain movements such as clockwise quarter turn, forward, left, right, up, down, anti-clockwise three-quarter turn.

They will also be using the computers to type, copy, paste, save, retrieve different documents they have made using word processing programs.

This week in IPC we are also exploring music, using footage from our History tasks last week and creating different soundtracks to match the movement and tension of the scenes. The footage features James Starley's Penny farthing, Henry Ford's T-model and The Wright Brothers' Bi-Plane. They children will use a range of instruments to create and change sounds as they compose their music.

Reflection in P2

posted 8 Jun 2017, 22:49 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 8 Jun 2017, 22:50 ]

As we reflect back on this week we also look forward next where the children will complete reflections in Maths and Literacy.


We enjoyed learning about position and direction this week, directing others using the terminology 1/4 turn, 1/2 half, 3/4 turn, left, right, forwards, backwards, up and down.

We also mapped the route from Home to School or from Home to the CC.  The children noted the Geographical features of both camps and discussed the differences and similarities.
We learned the names of the continents and identified our home and host continent as well as researching the geographical features using atlases and Ipads.


We retold the story of Cinderella and then brainstormed ways in which we could adapt the story.
We asked three big questions:




The children used jot thoughts to jot down their ideas and then we played tug of war - placing the ideas on a line between good idea and GREAT idea.

From this the children used the great ideas to rewrite the story.

Thank you for all the Pringle boxes! Our Getting to School Project is at the Entrance to the school.

Skipping in P2

posted 7 Jun 2017, 21:36 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 7 Jun 2017, 21:37 ]

The children have been thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to practice their skipping skills during snack breaks recently. Their display of resilience and cooperation is to be commended!


Geographical Features of Countries

posted 5 Jun 2017, 21:25 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 5 Jun 2017, 22:52 ]

How do you know that there are mountain ranges in Europe if you have never been?
How can you determine if there is a desert in Australia just by looking at map?

Through the exploration of atlases and maps, the children will determine whether different countries have different geographical features.

Take time to explore this with your child this week!

Week Beginning 5th June

posted 4 Jun 2017, 23:23 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 4 Jun 2017, 23:26 ]


Using Resilience in Reflections

Over the next couple of weeks the children will partake in reflections for Maths learning, Spelling, Narrative Writing and Reading. These reflections will help to identify key targets for your child's learning into the future. We are focusing on using the Personal Qualities of Resilience (trying our best, and keeping focused on our learning) and of course Reflection (thinking about our past learning experiences) as we complete these reflections.

This week in IPC

We don our Geography glasses this week and are learning a lot of new vocabulary to modes of transportation, geographical features and maps. Please check the vocabulary list in the learning letter for these new words.

Image result for sakhalinToday we started by identifying the Continent of our Home Country.

Throughout the week we will look at different scales and types of maps (globes, atlases, online maps) and try to identify the following: 
        • The continent of our Home Country
        • The Placement of our Home Country within that continent
        • The Placement of our Host Country
        • The city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on a map of Sakhalin
        • The placement of our house on a map of Olympia/Zima
We will also be sorting different types of transports into air, water and land and looking at the geographical features of certain towns and countries that have brought about the use of that transport type. For Example: Husky-led Sleighs on Snow and Air Boats on Marshland.

With your child discuss transport from your Home Country. Do you have a type of transport unique to your Home Country or Continent?

This week in Literacy
We are focusing on PEER COACHING in reading sessions this week:

Image result for reading with someone
When reflecting on COMPREHENSION we can ask questions about:

          • The characters
          • The setting
          • Events that happened in the middle, beginning and end of the story
          • What we think characters are feeling at any point (Making inferences)
          • What would come next in the story (Making predictions)
When Reflecting on FLUENCY we can practice RE-READING the sentence using:
          • more expression
          • phrasing (reading smoothly)
When Reflecting on ACCURACY we can encourage the reader to:
          • have another look at the word or sentence
          • think about what word would make sense
We are also continuing our Fairy Tale unit, rewriting classics with our own adaptations. Last week the children began to write an adaptation of "The 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf."
Some ideas were:
  • The 3 Little Jelly Babies and the Big Bad Gingerbread Man.
  • The 3 Little Rabbits and the Big Bad Fox
  • The Wolf climbed down the chimney only to be frozen solid in a freezer. The little Pigs than had Wolf Icy-Poles.
  • The Wold stomped on the Houses instead of blowing them down.
As you can see a lot of creative ideas coming through!
In Preparation for our next adaptations, perhaps you can all read or watch a version of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" and "Little Red Riding Hood."

This week in Maths

Our Mental Maths is focused on Bonds to 20.
Image result for question mark

In Maths Learning we are:
        • completing missing number problems using objects, pictures and mental calculations.
  • using language fewer than, less than, more than, equal to, most, least when comparing and identifying numbers
  • Describing position and direction (LINK TO IPC)
  • Self-Reflections and Targets


posted 31 May 2017, 20:07 by Primary 2 Teacher

please find the new learning letter for our Transport unit attached to this post and the front page of our class website. 

A vocabulary list has been sent home today.

Week Beginning 29th May 2017

posted 29 May 2017, 14:11 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 29 May 2017, 14:11 ]

IPC - From A to B!

This week we begin our new and final IPC unit for the year - Transport - From A to B!

We began with our Entry Point where, in their mixed Milepost Teams, the children were challenged to create either a boat or a vehicle for a zip-line that would travel from A to B, using only the wind force from a balloon or breath.

Using COOPERATION, COMMUNICATION and RESILIENCE, the children then tested their creations at the testing station.

More information about our new unit will be posted on the website on WEDNESDAY.


Fairy Tales

We start exploring the world of fairy tales this week, hot seating (becoming the character and answering questions about that character) many fairy tale and traditional tale characters. We will also link to our IPC unit Transport, discovering ways of transport in traditional tales and fairy tales and challenge the children to wonder what it would be like if the story was set in another setting.
Our culminating task for this unit (week beginning 12th June) will be to re-write a well known fairy tale or traditional tale by changing either the perspective of the story (was the Big Bad Wolf actually Bad?) or the setting (what if Snow White lived in a Big City?).


Time and Sequencing. 
Our Big Question this week is - How Long is a minute?

We will be exploring different lengths of time this week - seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. 
We will Know:
- A second is shorter than a minute, which is shorter than an hour.
- The days of the week in order
- The months of the year in order
- Know vocabulary for passing of time - before, after, next, first, yesterday, today, tomorrow, morning, afternoon and evening/night
We will be able to:
- Sequence events in chronological order using appropriate vocabulary
- Recognise the days of the week and months of the year
- Tell the time to the half hour and draw the hands on the clock face to show these times

Week Beginning 15/5/2017

posted 14 May 2017, 23:03 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 14 May 2017, 23:04 ]

Imagine If...

This week in IPC we are continuing our "Green Fingers" unit.

In Knowledge we will be:
- Learning the parts of a plant (roots, stem, leaves, fruit and flower)
- Learning different different ways seeds are dispersed
- Learning about food chains 

In Skills we will be:
- using a variety of texts to gather information

Our understanding performance will be linked to the Big Questions... "What if there were no....?"

The children will research, with help, what animals and other plants rely on other plants as they deepen their understanding of how life is connected. We will link this learning to being accountable global citizens, and look at the role that humans have on nature and the environment.

This week in Maths:

We will continue learning about Multiplication and Division, sharing and grouping real objects to equally divide and group them. The children will learn to record these using the standard symbols.
We will also be learning to identify notes and coins, using our knowledge of number bonds to make different amounts.

This week in Literacy:

Linked to our IPC unit, the children will write an information text about plants. About the function of each plant part, about seed disposal and about food chains.

P2 Assembly and Beyond!

posted 11 May 2017, 22:34 by Primary 2 Teacher   [ updated 11 May 2017, 22:40 ]

P2 Assembly

What a fantastic Assembly this morning! The children were so excited by the opportunity to perform for all of you and enjoyed sharing their learning with the community. There are definitely a few budding performers among us!

The children sang sweetly, projected their voices, used great expression and of course danced the morning away!

Many teachers and students alike, commented throughout the day on how amazed they were that our P2 students remembered ALL their lines, their cues, the dance moves and the song!

It was a remarkable performance by all.

Well Done!

Haikus in Literacy

Over the past 2 weeks, the children have been learning to identify and write their own Haiku about Nature. A Haiku is a traditional form of poetry originating in Japan. It contains 3 lines. The first line contains 5 syllables, the second 7 and the final line 5.
The children first planned their own Haiku before writing it. Sharing it with a friend they received Feedback using the Ladder of Feedback. (Clarify, Something good, Something worrying, Suggestions to make it better.) The children all made their learning Bigger and Better, through receiving this Feedback. The final results are really astounding. 


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