Week beginning May 30th

posted 29 May 2016, 13:51 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 29 May 2016, 13:51 ]
We are now at the end of our Clothes Unit and the children will take part in a Reflection Week. This is the week when the children have the opportunity to look back over their learning and feel so proud of all the new knowledge, skills and understanding they have acquired. To help with this the children will be partnering up with P5 children to share some of their knowledge, skills and understanding on Clothes. The P1's will also be able to learn from the P5's. This is a great way to help the P1 reflect.  
This week the Exit Point for the P1 and the whole school is a Fashion Parade assembly on Wednesday June 1st. The children can wear Cultural Clothes, Fancy dress clothes or a Special outfit they have.  All of the learning throughout the Clothes Unit will support the children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need for this Exit Point. 

We will also send home a Summary Reflection Report of your child's learning over the course of their changes unit. The report will be sent out at the end of our reflection week on June 3rd. 

In addition, the children will reflect on all the Personal Qualities they have investigated so far and read the Personal Quality books they have been exploring during each weeks focus. 

The 4 strands that will help guide learning are; 
Independence and Interdependence 
1.16 taking part in group activities

2.24 enjoying and using music, art, dance and drama

3.12 thinking logically, making comparisons and asking questions

Healthy Living
4.3 making choices 

The children will be learning about;

Seasonal Clothes

* Sport Clothes

* Cultural Clothes

* Uniforms

* Formal and Informal Clothes

* Using money to buy and sell items in the fabric shop

* Sentence and word practice 

Home learning links;

* Talk to your child about favourite parts of the clothes unit. Try to encourage them to talk about the types of clothes they enjoyed learning about and what knowledge they now have; Seasonal Clothes, Sport Clothes, Cultural Clothes, Uniforms, Formal and Informal Clothes * 

Important dates;

* Exit Point Assembly Wednesday June 1st - dressing up in Cultural clothes, fancy dress clothes or a special/favourite outfit *

* Sport's Day - June 17th at 08:40 *

* Swimming Gala - June 21st in the afternoon *