week beginning May 29th

posted 28 May 2017, 21:55 by Primary 1 Teacher
The 4 learning blocks in our 'Brilliant Bug Ball' unit are;
Block 1 - looking after minibeasts (May 15th - May 24th)
Block 2 - patterns shape, colours and numbers (May 25th - June 2nd)
Block 3 - minibeasts on the move (June 5th - June 16th)
Block 4 - preparing for the ball (June 19th - June 28th)
Reflection Week - (June 29th - July 7th)
These time scales are only approximate and could change depending on the ideas from the children throughout each learning block. 

This week the children will continue with Learning Block 2; Activity 2 - very hungry caterpillars,  Activity 3 - butterfly symmetry and Activity 4 - Ladybird spots. All of the literacy and Math is linked with our unit however, there are also some stand alone learning activities to ensure full P1 curriculum coverage that cannot be linked to minibeasts. 

Our Big Question is What minibeasts are bigger/smaller? What patterns and shapes can you seeThis will help the children how we sorted them and enable the children more knowledge to start .  

Our Visible Thinking Tool this week will be 'I used to think and now I know'. This is a tool that the children are becoming more familiar and encourages more reflective thinking and in-depth discussions.   

There will be many Personal Qualities used this week in our learning activities. Morality in P1 means trying to make good choices even when no adult is around and trying to encourage others to do the right thing.  Enquiry in P1 is asking questions and using books to find out information.  

Our learning activities this week include;
* Finishing our Minibeast info book (Collaboratively as a class) 
* Making a Minibeast hotel from recycled craft materials
* Collecting and displaying data on Minibeasts; venn diagrams, block graphs and picture graphs
* Reading and writing Minibeast words and sentences to lead into a short story
* Making ladybird dominoes
* Ordering 'The very Hungry Caterpillar' 
* Making a counting book based on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'
* Symmetry using butterfly wings 
* Minibeast puzzles 
* Adding to the classroom role-play area 
* Learning Minibeast songs and poems
* Skip counting in 10's and 2's
* Number recognition within 30     

Important Dates:

June 7th - P1 trip to Sakhalin Zoo - minibeast house (More information will be sent out on Wednesday May 31st) Due to Health and Safety guidance the date of this trip may change. 

June 16th - P1 Class Assembly at 08:40 

June 20th - P1- P3 swimming gala